Half UniJoiner, Brown


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The Uni-joiner is the basis for Kato UNITRACK’s worry-free design.

A removable connector clip, the Uni-joiner can be replaced. in the event that a piece breaks or fails (unlike other snap tracks where the entire section will have to be replaced) and can be easily swapped out for wired UniJoiners or insulated UniJoiners for more advanced layout wiring techniques.

  • Thanks to UniJoiners, the connection and energy flow between the tracks is firmly secured.
  • UniJoiners can be removed and exchanged for new ones.
  • UniJoiners can be exchanged for insulated Uni-joiners.
  • UniJoiners can be used for both N gauge and H0 gauge.
  • UniJoiners can also be used for other companies’ TT scale and HOn3 scale tracks.
  • By removing UniJoiners, you can easily connect UNITRACK to flexible tracks.

Contains 20 pieces.

Brown Color.

Half Unijoiner.

Both HO & N Scales.

*The Half Unijoiner cannot be used with the supplemental tracks from #20-220 and #20-221 Electric #4 Turnouts.*


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